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Franklin Mint Bicentennial Visits Medals


51mm. Complete set of 13 medals. Many distinguished world leaders made official State Visits to the U.S. in 1976 to pay personal tribute to the American people on the occasion of America's Bicentennial. A special medal in 24KT gold was struck for presentation to each visiting world leader. The sterling silver medals that are part of the complete collection are the only serially numbered medals. Individual medals were also issued.

The set was issued in 1976. Each medal is 51 millimeters in diameter.

Sterling Silver (2,693 mintage)*

* The mintage figure of 2,693 represents only those medals sold as part of the complete collection. These were packaged in cachets and serially numbered. In addition, individual medals were made available in the U. S. and in Europe by the mint's international affiliates for five of the issues. The additional mintages are #1, Ireland, 750---#2, Sweden, 2,796---#4, France, 2,568---#6, England, 4,291---#7, Germany, 2,391.


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