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The Indian Tribal Nations Series Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1972-1976)


39mm. Complete set of 40 medals. Each coin-medal in this collection honors the history, culture and people of the tribe it represents and is designed in close cooperation with the appropriate tribal leaders. Arrangements for this series are coordinated with Indian Tribal Series of Phoenix, Arizona, which reserves the first 5500 specimens for its own subscribers.

For each coin-medal, there was a matching tribal history book written by a distinguished authority of the American Indian. Each book is individually hand-signed by a tribal leader and bears the same matching serial number as the coin medal. The number of proof-quality coin-medals struck for any tribe is limited to 15,000 specimens. Of this number, a maximum of 9500 have been reserved exclusively for established Franklin Mint collectors.

These were produced from 1972 to 1976, ten coin-medals each year. Each coin-medal is 39 millimeters in diameter.

1972: 14,688 minted
1973: 14,513 minted
1974: 10,383 minted
1975: 11,634 minted
1976: 7,260 minted

Nations Represented:
1972: Apache, Sioux, Crow, Obage, Havasupai, Paiute, Navajo, Papago, Yakima, Hopi

1973: Choctaw, Mescalero, Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Kalispel, Chickasaw, Mandan/Arikara/Hidatsa, Oneida, Cocopah

1974: Comanche, Southern Ute, Kenaitze, Chitimach, Ponca, Kickapoo, Quapaw, Kaw, Minnesota Chippewa, Narragansett

1975: ??

1976: Seneca, Hualapia, Couschatta, Missouri Tribe, Pawnee, Eskimo, Ottawa, Modoc, Oklahoma, Wichita


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