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Winslow Homer's America Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)


Complete set of 12 ingots. Winslow Homer is perhaps the greatest artist America has ever produced. His works, ranging from portrayals of American country life to seascapes of power and beauty, have inspired generations of Americans. His realism captured the freshness and vigor of rural America 100 years ago. He has been called "the greatest pictorial poet of outdoor life in the 19th century America", and the "most American" artist who ever lived. In tribute to this great artist, this collection of 12 ingots portraying 12 of Winslow Homer's most famous works was issued. The ingots are exceptionally large, measuring more than 3" long by 2" wide. The face of each ingot presents the masterpiece in finely sculptured detail. The reverse identifies the work and the date of its creation. Each subscriber received a matched set of two framable display plaques plus a deluxe library case. The set was issued in 1977.


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