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The Flags of the United Nations Ingot Collection (Franklin Mint, 1974)


Complete set of 135 ingots, certified on March 15, 1974. Ingots show the official flag of each country that is a member of the United Nations. The full size set was issued when there were 135 members. It comes in a large wood cabinet. The mini-ingot set was issued a few years later when there were 142 members. Each of the flags of the member nations of the United Nations was honored in this ingot collection. The sizes and weights of the ingots vary so that each ingot conforms to the proportion of the flag it depicts. The design of each flag was authenticated by Dr. Whitney Smith of the Flag Heritage Foundation. Two different editions of these flag ingots were issued. The regular size proof edition contains 135 ingots. The official flag appears on the face of the ingot; the reverse carries the official seal of the U.N. and a map pinpointing the location of the country. The mini ingot collection has 142 ingots. The reverse carries the name of the nation in English, the date of admissions to the U.N. and the name of the nation in its own language. The difference in the numbers of ingots is due to the 7 nations which were admitted to the U.N . between the issuance of the two series.


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