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The Flags of Royalty Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)


Complete set of 50 ingots. For nearly 5,000 years, the world's great monarchs have used flags as symbols of their power and prestige. For the first time ever, the personal banners of 50 of these famous monarchs were portrayed in a collection of 50 sterling silver ingots. The design of each flag has been authenticated by Dr. Whitney Smith, Director of the Flag Heritage Foundation and the world's leading authority on flag history. As a result, each ingot accurately portrays the official design of the royal flag it honors. The shapes and proportions of the ingots varyas do those of the original flags they represent.

The Flags of Royalty ingot collection was housed in a wooden display box and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which certified the collection on March 28, 1977.


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