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The National Historical Society Civil War Chess Set (Franklin Mint, 1983)


Richly detailed portrait sculptures of great American heroes, in solid pewter, solid brass and fine enamels. An heirloom chess set to be enjoyed for generations. Created by the world famous craftsmen of the Franklin Mint. The national Historical Society Civil War Chess Set is a dramatic and fascinating tribute to the heroes of both North and South. The playing pieces are richly-detailed three-dimensional portrait sculptures of the great Generals on both sides, as well as enlisted men.

Every figure is a new and original work, created expressly for this unique chess set. Some are shown standing, some seated, some kneeling, some mounted on horseback. Each piece is captured for the ages in solid pewter, then set atop a solid brass pedestal base embellished with a circular band of colored enamel---blue for the soldiers of the Union, gray for those of the Confederacy. 

Crafted for the Society by The Franklin Mint, each figure is scaled to suit the role assigned to it in the game of chess. The set includes a handsome pewter-finished playing board, the fitted protective case, a Certificate of Authenticity and specially written reference materials.


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