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The Annual Calendar / Art Medal by Ernest Lauser (Franklin Mint, 1974)


A sterling silver and a bronze version were produced. Only the silver version has any significant value. 76 millimeter in diameter. Certified November 12, 1973.

The 1974 Calendar / Art Medal is a handsome blending of the mystical signs of the Zodiac with the calendar for the new year.
"I was really pleased with the challenge of sculpturing this medal." explains sculptor Ernest Lauser. "Since the calendar for this medal was to be placed with six months to a side, the design called for an approach different from past years when all twelve months were on one side. The fluid action of the twelve signs of the Zodiac seemed most appropriate for the design. Particularly when one thinks of the close association of the Zodiac and the calendar months. Early man relied on nature --- the sun, moon and stars --- to record and measure the passage of time, just as we use the calendar."

Lauser is a  Sagittarian, and his design shows the careful planning and imagination attributed to those born under this Zodiac sign. His delightful renderings of the age-old Zodiac symbols give a sense of animation to the Calendar / Art Medal --- a feeling that the monthly calendars and the signs are in orbit around the design's central figures.

The 1974 Calendar/Art Medal was minted in both sterling silver and bronze. Each medal is 76mm in diameter and is individually oxidized (antiqued), giving it a special finish which allows handling without damage to the surface.


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