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The 50 Official Ingots of North American Gold Mines (Franklin Mint, 1977)


Each ingot measures app. 10mm x 18.6mm. Price is for the complete set of 50 ingots.

In cooperation with the leading gold producers of North America, the mint issued this collection of 50 official ingots of North America's gold producing mines. Each 24KT gold ingot represents one of the 50 leading mines of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The name of each gold mine appears on the obverse of its ingot. The reverse carries the name of the owner/operator of the mine, together with any official company emblem, and an engraved outline map showing the mine's location.

Individual ingots were minted for the actual gold producers for the use of their own staff or customers. The mint was granted exclusive privilege of issuing the complete set of 50 ingots to collectors. The set of 50 ingots was issued in a collectors chest of polished hardwood and genuine leather. It included a transparent locking security cover, and space inside the chest lid to store background information on each ingot. The owner's personal signature could also be inscribed on the chest. The set was certified on June 1, 1977.


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