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The Provinces of Canada Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1975)

JAMES MONROE 3" Bronze Commemorative Medal (U.S. Mint Presidential Series, #105)

The East African Wildlife Society Big Game Animals Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1972)

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Louisville Official 75th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Ingot

The United States Bicentennial Three Medals Set (Silver Mint, Sterling and Bronze)

Apollo 14 Silver Mini Coin (Franklin Mint, 1971)

THE EUROPEAN STAG by Donald Richard Miller Silver Wall Sculpture (Franklin Mint, 1977)

Franklin Mint The Official United States Constitution Bicentennial Stamp Collection From The Freedoms Foundation

Franklin Mint 1971 United Nations Peace Medal

Franklin Mint Limited Edition Plate: Signs of the Zodiac by Gilroy Roberts, "Capricorn"

Official Bicentennial Visit Medal Honoring H. M. Hussein, King of Jordan (Franklin Mint, 1976)

Franklin Mint Official Bicentennial Visit Medal Honoring William R. Tolbert Jr., President of Liberia

Comet Kohoutek Platinum Eyewitness Mini Coin (Franklin Mint, 1974)

The Last Major Silver Producing Nations Gold on Silver Ingots Collection (Silver Mint)

International Silver: Charles A. Lindbergh Commemorative Medal "The Visionary" (Sterling)

Partners In Space Apollo Soyuz Joint Mission Silver Medal and First Day Cover (Franklin Mint, 1975)

The United Nations Children's Fund Official Silver Anniversary Commemorative Medal (Franklin Mint, 1971)

Medallic Art Co: Official State of Minnesota American Revolution Bicentennial Medal (999)

The World's Greatest Gold Coins in 14KT Gold (Franklin Mint, 1981)

The State Bird Miniature Spoons Collection (Franklin Mint, 1979)

The Presidential Signature Series Profiles Medals Collection (Wittnauer Mint, 1972)

Vita Christi (Life of Christ) by Pietro Montana Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1971)

The Official Signers of the Declaration of Independence Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1972)

Franklin Mint Sadat's Visit to Israel Eyewitness Medal (Gold Plated)

Franklin Mint Queen Elizabeth II Royal Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 Eyewitness Medal (Sterling)

President Nixon's Journey For Peace to China Eyewitness Medal (Franklin Mint, 1972)

The Official 1973 Nixon Agnew Presidential Inaugural Commemorative Plate by Gilroy Roberts (Franklin Mint, 1973)

The Medical Heritage Society Medallic History of Medicine Medals Collection (Franklin Mint)

The Official Bicentennial History of the United States Marines Corps Commemorative Medals Set (Franklin Mint, 1974)

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci Mini Coin Collection (Franklin Mint)

The Resurrection by Evangelos Frudakis Annual Limited Edition Easter Plate (Franklin Mint, 1973)

Franklin Mint Bicentennial Washington Crossing the Delaware Medal (Sterling)

The Official Bicentennial Council of the 13 Original States Ingots and First Day Postal Cachets Collection (Franklin Mint, 1976, 70 total)

The American Bicentennial Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1976)

The 50 Fifty States Bicentennial Commemorative Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1975)

The 12 Twelve Caesars Medals Collection (Franklin Mint , 1973)

The 100 Greatest Stamps of the World Sterling Silver Miniature Collection (Franklin Mint, 1981)

Disney Around The World PETER PAN 1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver Proof Medal (Rarities Mint, 1988)

The National Governors' Conference Official State Ingots (aka Birds and Flowers Ingots) (Franklin Mint, 1977)

"Houses/St Urbain' by A. Y. Jackson Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate (Wellings Mint, 1971)

Butterflies of the World EUROPE Limoges Enamel on Sterling Silver 8 inch Plate (Franklin Mint, 1978)

ANDREW JOHNSON 3" Bronze Commemorative Medal (U.S. Mint Presidential Series, #117)

San Diego 200th Anniversary Congressional Medal (US Mint, 1968)

Mother's Day Parian Porcelain Plate (Franklin Mint, 1977)

Franklin Mint National Space Society's The Official Medallic Register of America In Space Medals(39MM Sterling)

Franklin Mint Official Bicentennial Commemorative Medal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Gold-plated version)

The Official Classic Cars Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint, 1973)

The American Weapons Hall of Fame Ingots Collection (Lincoln Mint, 1973)

The Apollo 17 Eyewitness Sterling Silver Pendant (Franklin Mint, 1972)

Franklin Mint Queen Elizabeth II Royal Silver Jubilee Eyewitness Pendant (18KT Gold)