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Presidents Ingots Collection of the Washington DC Bicentennial Commission (Hamilton Mint Presidential, 1976)

The Pro Football Hall of Fame's Pro Football's Immortals Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1977)

The National Governors' Conference Official Statehood Medals and First Day Covers (Franklin Mint, 1974)

The Treasury of Zodiac Medals Collection by Gilroy Roberts (Franklin Mint, 1970)

USA-Russia Joint Space Flight 14KT Gold Medal (Danbury Mint, 1975)

The Old Testament by Monti (L'Antico Testamento di Monti) Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1973)

Adams & Henry Bicentennial Commemorative .925 Silver Medal 31g (US Mint, 1973)

The Presidential Ingots Collection, 5000 Grains Edition (Franklin Mint, 1973)

White House Historical John Adams Presidential Sterling Silver Plate (Franklin Mint, 1972)

The Governors Edition States of the Union Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1970)

A. Y. Jackson St. Urbain Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate (Wellings Mint McMichael Collection, 1971)

1912 HISPANO-SUIZA World-Famous Sterling Silver Vintage Car Replica (Franklin Mint, Silver Car Miniatures Collection, 1977)

Butterflies of the World SOUTH AMERICA Limoges Enamel on Sterling Silver 8 inch Plate (Franklin Mint, 1977)

THE JAPANESE SNOW LEOPARD by Donald Richard Miller Silver Wall Sculpture (Franklin Mint, 1977)

The 1972 Annual Mother's Day Limited Edition Collector Plate (Lincoln Mint)

The 50 Greatest Sailing Ships in History Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint, 1976)

White House Historical William H. Harrison Presidential Sterling Silver Plate (Franklin Mint, 1974)

Franklin Mint Bicentennial Washington Crossing the Delaware Medal (Sterling)

Official Casino de Monte Carlo 1000 Franc Solid Gold Chip (Franklin Mint, 1979)

The Official Second Continental Congress Bicentennial Commemorative Medal and Cachet (Franklin Mint, 1975)

President Gerald Ford Inaugural Eyewitness Silver Medal (Franklin Mint, 1974)

Official Bicentennial Visit Medal Honoring H. M. Juan Carlosi, King of Spain (Franklin Mint, 1976)

The Great Events of the American Revolution Ingot Collection (Columbia Mint, 1975)

The Diamond Tiara Ring from House of Faberge (Franklin Mint, 1977)

Wildlife Mint: Migratory Bird Stamps 1934-1981 Medals Collection

Butterflies of the World AUSTRALIA Limoges Enamel on Sterling Silver 8 inch Plate (Franklin Mint, 1977)

Douglas MacArthur Commemorative Silver Medal Set (Danbury Mint, 1971)

Wonders of America Commemorative Ingot Collection (Hamilton Mint, 1975)

Franklin Mint Egyptian / Israeli Peace Treaty Eyewitness Pendant (18KT Gold)

50th Anniversary Lindbergh First Solo Transatlantic Flight 14 KT Gold Medal (Danbury Mint, 1977)

Trimming The Tree by Norman Rockwell Christmas Plate (Franklin Mint, 1973)

A Tribute to Picasso Commemorative 18KT Gold Plate, Le Gourmet (Hamilton Mint, 1973)

The History of the Civil War Medals Collection (Lincoln Mint, 1971)

Battle of Bunker Hill Bicentennial 1775 Commemorative Medal (Wittnauer Mint, 1973)

'Winter Holiday, Christmas 1973' Commemorative Plate (Wittnauer Mint, 1973)

The Royal Shakespeare Theater Presents The Great Plays of Shakespeare Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1972)

1973 Limited Edition Mother's Day Plate 'Generation of Love' (Hamilton Mint)

Skating Pond - Central Park Winter' by Currier & Ives Limited Edition Christmas Plate (Danbury Mint, 1973)

Official Bicentennial 14 KT Gold Medal (Danbury Mint, 1976)

'Home For Christmas' by Norman Rockwell Limited Edition Christmas Plate (Franklin Mint, 1975)

The John Adams Official 1974 Bicentennial Commemorative Plate (Franklin Mint, 1974)

The Founding Fathers Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1976)

The 100 Greatest Stamps of the World Sterling Silver Miniature Collection (Franklin Mint, 1981)

'Riding to the Hunt' Limited Edition Collector Plate by James Wyeth (Franklin Mint, 1974)

Franklin Mint Limited Edition Plate: Signs of the Zodiac by Gilroy Roberts, "Gemini"

THE INDIAN ELEPHANT by Donald Richard Miller Silver Wall Sculpture (Franklin Mint, 1977)

Greatest Airplanes in Aviation History Mini Ingots Collection (Franklin Mint)

Presidential Silver Ingots Collection, 5000 Grain Edition (Danbury Mint, 1975)

The International Free Mason Fraternal Commemorative Society Medals Collection (Franklin Mint)

The Sculptors' Studio Medals Collection (Franklin Mint, 1973)